Terms + Conditions

Let's work together!  Here's how we do it:



To secure a spot in our work queue, we require a fabric deposit.  Our project schedule is based on the order in which we receive deposits and the scope of the work.


Payment of the remaining balance by cash, credit card, or check is required upon delivery or pick up of your finished product.  No finished goods will be left or picked up without full payment of the remaining balance unless prior arrangements have been made.


Our labor pricing is based on clients also buying fabric through KCU.  This way we can help you choose the best fabric for your project in terms of performance and aesthetics.  If you provide your own fabric, we charge a cutting fee of $25 per yard.  With COM (customer's own material), any warranty or deft issues are the responsibility of the customer.  When you buy fabric through KCU we can hand any fabric warranty issues in-house without any bother to our customers.


We pride ourselves on economical yardage estimates to keep costs down; however, once we are into a project, we may discover that we need additional yardage to finish the job properly.  At this point, we will inform the customer of the circumstances and add the cost of the additional yardage to the final balance due.


Unforeseen condition issues may come to our attention once a piece is in our shop and the old upholstery has been removed.  At this point we will contact the customer and inform them of the recommended course of action and how much it would cost to repair.


We pick up projects when we are ready to work on them and deliver them promptly after the work is completed.  We cannot store furniture in any capacity due to space constraints.


If arranging for work to be done on furniture in an investment property or second home while you are not available, we must have access to the property via a realty agency, door code or a spare key left with us.  We will send or email photos of the completed project when we are finished.


If your project will be completed and delivered while you are not in the area (for example, if you are a second-home owner) we will keep a credit card on file.  When the work is completed, we will contact you to arrange payment on that card or receive another payment method.